Mom Sites

I produced four different Mom brand prototypes for Turner Entertainment Networks, each catering to different psychographic profiles with targeted branding, voice and parenting philosophy. Scroll down to see them all….

Kidiculous: Raising Kids is Funny Business

A continuously updated stream of hilariously adorable pictures and videos of children – reveling in the joy of being a one-trick pony. (click for full size)


Momfeed: Keeping Moms Plugged In

A “dashboard” with general news, pop culture gossip and parenting news/tips, all written in Mom-friendly voice and tailored to a Mom’s perspective. (click for full size)


MOMMO: Reality-Based Motherhood

Source of “expert” parenting information re-tooled so it’s in Mom’s language and from her perspective; i. e., some of the content of traditional parenting sites but with more of the tone and feel of a mommy blog, albeit with a distinct anti-helicopter-parenting perspective. (click for full size)


Mompedia: Mom’s Go-To for How-To

“Real Simple” for moms – Smart tips and empathic advice to help Moms efficiently deal with all the facets of their busy lives. (click for full size)