WHITEHOUSE.ORG was a long-running political parody I produced and edited during two separate tenures spanning vastly different political and internet realities.

The Bush Era

During the slow-motion train wreck that was the George W. Bush Administration, we entertained millions of people per month, sold a ton of silly swag, published a spin-off book with Penguin USA, staged a critically-acclaimed off-Broadway play, and (best of all) invoked the wrath of Dick Cheney himself. Good times.

WHITEHOUSE.ORG - The George W. Bush Years

“Hilarious” – The New York Times

“In” – Vanity Fair

“Spot on” – BBC

“Hysterical… Searing polical parody” – CNN

“Brilliantly ham-fisted” – TIME

“Scathing… Wickedly funny” – Detroit Metro Times

“Offensive, irreverent… bitingly funny.” – Orlando Sentinal

“The jury is out on Wooden’s ability to make anyone laugh.” – New York Post


Alas, the satire was sometimes lost on the humor-impaired:

And yet somehow not on the actual White House Press Secretary…

When Ari Fleischer’s Target.com wedding registry leaked, I couldn’t resist sending the happy couple a little something.

Dear Dubya – The Play

“Dear Dubya” is an off-Broadway play I wrote in 2005, based on thousands of emails written to George W. Bush by the general public that were accidentally sent to WHITEHOUSE.ORG.

“A minor triumph” – The New York Times

“Go to laugh; stay to weep.” – TimeOut NY

“Powerful” – NYTheatre.com

“Disturbing… Quite Funny” – Theatremania

“Potential cult hit” – Ben Brantley, NYT

The Trump Era

In 2017, I rebooted WHITEHOUSE.ORG with the original writing team after an eight-year hiatus. Alas, with the internet having grown so toxically post-reality, and Donald J. Trump already being a grotesque parody, we soon concluded he couldn’t be satirized without treading in waters too putrid for even our tastes. So we walked away. Alas, irony died so… ironically.

WHITEHOUSE.ORG - The Trump Years