LinkedIn InFocus

My pro-bono, unsolicited “radical honesty” campaign for the dreaded LinkedIn. Client: LinkedIn Brand Statement: You are your job — and nothing else. Target: Women & Men 19-55 who enjoy in-service training, off-site trust falls and on-call overtime. Messaging Objective: Empowering the little voice in your head that’s perpetually hissing, “Get back to work, slacker!” BecauseContinue reading “LinkedIn InFocus”


WHITEHOUSE.ORG was a long-running political parody I produced and edited during two separate tenures spanning vastly different political and internet realities. The Bush Era During the slow-motion train wreck that was the George W. Bush Administration, we entertained millions of people per month, sold a ton of silly swag, published a spin-off book with PenguinContinue reading “WHITEHOUSE.ORG”

CONAN360 Virtual Reality

CONAN360, a 360 branded content campaign I conceived and produced, was the first-ever virtual reality offering from a major broadcast TV property. Sponsored by AT&T, CONAN360 became the flagship activation for three years of tentpole broadcasts live from Comic-Con International in San Diego, earning two Silver Telly Awards. Among the countless pieces of creative andContinue reading “CONAN360 Virtual Reality”