“DUDESPLOSION – Bursting With Manarchy!” is a web prototype I created and produced for Turner Entertainment Networks. Basically MAXIM meets The Onion, it was a send-up of all the gross knuckle-dragging, testosterone-drenched tropes and clichés of the men’s media genre. Shockingly, Time Warner was loathe to finance a full launch for such an abomination. LOL.Continue reading “DUDESPLOSION”


SHOCKLINE is a website prototype I created for TruTV. Essentially a deliciously trashy tabloid for guys, the brand promise was to “strip-mine the dreary world of journalism to extract amazing TRUE stories, offering a NOTHING-IS-SACRED, adrenaline-fueled THRILL ride that adeptly balances a clever jadedness with a youthful, wide-eyed enthusiasm for the anarchic unpredictability that isContinue reading “SHOCKLINE”


Maneuver is a prototype for a new M18-35 website I created for Turner Broadcasting. The objective was to be the first men’s brand to occupy the fertile middle ground between crusty old-school brands like Esquire & GQ, with their snoresville zillion-word essays and smack-worthy Ivy League smugness, and the cringe-inducing beers-and-babes vomitorium that is MAXIM and its legions of pubescent wannabes. (click for full size)

Mom Sites

I produced four different Mom brand prototypes for Turner Entertainment Networks, each catering to different psychographic profiles with targeted branding, voice and parenting philosophy. Scroll down to see them all…. Kidiculous: Raising Kids is Funny Business A continuously updated stream of hilariously adorable pictures and videos of children – reveling in the joy of beingContinue reading “Mom Sites”